The Bucket List 2011

1. Fix jumbo skirt from Charlotte Russe.

2. Play tennis… LOTS of tennis. Every day. All day. Tennis.

3. Put forth a dedicated effort to my photography, to be edited and compiled into a photo-journal depicting this epic summer.

3.5 Go downtown to take said photographs.

4. Walk to Dairy Queen with my little brother.

5. Fill up an entire coloring book.

6. Write a complaint/satisfaction letter, just to get free stuff.

7. Record someone’s life story – nursing home anyone?

8. Convince someone you’re from a foreign country.

9. Wake up every morning before 7:30 a.m.

10. Water fight. Including but not limited to: balloons, guns, hoses, and buckets.

11. Superglue a quarter to the ground. Watch. Laugh.

12. Paint finger and toe nails each a different color.

13. Paint heart bookcase.

14. Participate in a charity walk/run/event.

15. Buy something at the second-hand store… then wear/use it.

16. Finger paint a picture on canvas and then frame it.

17. Say ‘yes’ to everything for one day.

18. Write and send a hand-written letter to everyone in my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and god-family)

19. Run a 5k.

20. Attend a GOOD concert.

21. Fly a kite.

22. Watch ‘Gone With the Wind’

23. Do an entire afternoon of yoga.

24. Win something in an auction.

25. Win a radio contest.

26. Go rock climbing again <3

27. FINALLY try HuHot.

28. See a fortune tell/palm reader.

29. Use a Polaroid camera to take pictures of random people, then let them keep them.

30. Work on the family tree.

31. Do 100 sit-ups every day.

32. Go 24 hours without food.

33. Make my own cookie cake.

34. Become an expert at something (cow breeds, Russian literature… anything)

35. Enter a photography contest.

36. Buy a pet goldfish.

37. Write a letter to a soldier overseas.

38. Tie-dye a set of sheets.

39. Bake a batch of really cute cupcakes.

40. Go a whole week without technology.

41. Finish 4 books.

42. Hold a garage sale – use profits to fund summer.

43. Write a letter to the editor.

44. Pick an official summer song.

45. Buy a bouquet of flowers.

46. Mow the (Front) Lawn.

47. Make sun tea.

48. Play miniature golf.

49. Plant something edible.

50. Spend one whole day barefoot.

51. Help an old lady cross the street.

52. Hold an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon.

53. Put in >temporary< colored highlights.

54. Create something made out of duct tape.

55. Play tennis in the rain.

56. Leave initials in wet concrete.

57. Start a blog.

58. Sleep in a car for a night.

59. Spend a day creating a masterpiece out of sidewalk chalk.

60. Send a nice card to a stranger from the phone book.

61. Give a dog a bath.

62. Leave a sticker on the ice cream truck… after ordering ice cream of course (:

63. Carve name into a tree.

64. Play a REAL game of poker with REAL money.

65. Stretch every day to get perfect heel stretches and scorpions.

66. Jump into a pool fully clothed.

67. Go to the mall with a sign that says ‘Free Hugs’.

68. Attend a midnight release/premiere.

69. Empty a gumball machine.

70. Have everyone you meet for a day sign your shirt.

71. Watch a foreign film.

72. Destroy a watermelon.

73. Go on a picnic.

74. Make a music video.

75. Celebrate a foreign holiday the way the natives do.

76. Get a tan tattoo.

77. Watch a meteor shower (Aug. 12-13).

78. Have a HUGE Nerf gun fight.

79. Go to Taco Bell past midnight.

80. Throw a boomerang.

81. Throw a paper airplane off of a bridge.

82. See a Chihuly

83. Rent a paddle boat for an hour.

84. Ride a tandem bike with somebody.

85. Obtain a *********fest button/participate in ********fest.

86. Stay outside for 12 hours straight.

87. Watch “The Bucket List’ the movie

88. Record a video blog for 1 week and then post it on YouTube.

89. Get a chain of 15 people to Walk like an Egyptian with.

90. Set up a lemonade stand.

91. Attempt kayaking/canoeing.

92. Keep room clean (relatively).

93. Buy and use and develop an underwater camera.

94. Make a French Silk Pie.

95. Eat breakfast at Daniel’s.

96. Try more scented nail polishes.

97. Make a banner to hang in public.

98. Talk in a British accent for 48 hours straight.

99. Pay for a stranger’s meal.

100. Write a note on a stranger’s windshield with dry-erase marker.

101. Attend a WWII Roundtable Event.

102. Rock a red lip.

103. Suntan on the roof of my car in a random parking lot.

104. Create a video depicting the results of the Summer of 2011.

105. Take a picture in a photo booth with 10 (or more!) people.


58 comments on “The Bucket List 2011

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  2. This is way awesome :) This summer I’ll be 16. I’ll have my license, the boy of my dreams, and the best friends, and best parties. I’m determined to make it the best. <3

    • Thanks Emmy! I’ll be 16 going on 17, and also mobile. Now about the boy… Not so much! Haha. I hope this summer exceeds your expectations! Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. This list is AMAZING. You’ve totally inspired me to actually do something and document it like I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve started writing a diary and I got a camera just to record certain things I want to capture. Thank you!!!!!

  4. hey great list! the end of my last summer was awesome so I’m planning on having a whole amazing summer this year. my best friend and i are seniors so this it’s our last summer before college and some of these ideas are perfect for our level of craziness lol.and perfect for the summer before college, like the sheet tye-dye one we can do for our dorm rooms! thanks for the ideas!

    • Hey Julie, I’m glad to hear you and your friend have been able to relate to my list! Knowing you’re nearing the end is tough /: I hope you’re able to make this summer the best one yet! Don’t forget to check out the new list for 2012 with even bigger and better list items! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. hey from Hong Kong. Gosh, moved here recently and sadly summers are no longer full of suburban sun, backyards and of course taco bell! you just don’t get that summery feeling cooped up in an apartment block in the concrete jungle, beautiful city though! i’ve completely wasted my last few summers, mostly on books and tuition :'( welcome to the asian work ethic. But this has inspired me to gather a couple of my BFFs, move out into the burbs for a couple weeks and live a little while we can! thanks a ton :)

  6. HI!!

    I’ve been reading this blog since it started, and I know you have finished now.. but anyways!! I live in Australia so while it was your Summer I was sitting her totally depressed since it was Winter. :(
    ATM I have a new friend from Finland who is going to be here for our Summer so we have decided to try and do as many things on your list and add some of our own so she will have the most epic Australian Summer ever!!

    So thank-you for giving us this great idea and I hope you had an awesome Summer as well!!

    Gab :)

  7. I love this blog! It’s inspired me and a long distant friend to compete and finish as many as things on our bucket list as we can before we meet up! Love your ideas too!

  8. Hi!
    I love your blog!(:

    Will you be continuing once school starts?? It’s totally ashamed you didn’t finish!

  9. This is amazing! I live in australia, so obviously I wouldnt be able to do stuff like “go to taco bell”, or anything like that but, summers comming up down here, and i will be having an amazing time trying to do some of this stuff. :)

    • Thank you so much! I’m actually pretty suprised that Australia doesn’t have Taco Bell… Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog! It’s odd to think that while I’m in school in December, other people half way across the world will be trying out my summer!

    • Hey, I’m from Australia too and we actually have a restaurant called Taco Bill! So it’s kinda similar!

  10. hiya :) just like to say this is a great list and it’ll be amazing once you’ve finished it! you could add something like, “gain a pen pal” or something and share all these stories with her? from some of your ideas i’ve decided i’m going to make a friend memory board with pictures and flyers that remind us why we’re best friends… its going to be amaze! anyway, i’m actually from the UK, so cant do some of the stuff on here but have fun and keep going! we <3 it :D

  11. sarah, i love this bucket list and i made my own becasue of it. i hope it is ok that i used one of your ideas and tweake it a little on my list. I said since i am going to NYC soon to make 20 paper airplanes and write inspirational sayings in them like Make it last and stuff like that and throw them off the top of the rock. do you think that is a good idea?

    • Hey Clare, thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you’re liking the big BL so far! Totally feel free to use my ideas, most of mine are borrowed to begin with! I think your NYC idea sounds really fun! Just make sure you don’t poke any eyes out (;

    • It’s funny you should say that! I used to go camping many moons ago, during my days in Idaho… I don’t think pitching a tent in the Everglades will be much fun though /:

  12. Heyy!! Thank you soooo much for this! I was gonna literally die of boredom this summer but then I read this & now I can keep myself busy with my mates :)
    Love you for this – hope you have a great summer <3 <3

  13. this is epic. thanks alot for the ideas (: i will have a great summer, LIKE A BOSS 8D haha ur awesome.

  14. oh my gosh. you just solved my life. :P I’m writing a bucket list right now, thank you so much for inspiring this idea for me! Yay! hahahahaha, thanks again, you’re epic! :)

  15. I was online looking for things to do during the summer and i came acroos gone with the wind. I looked at your bucket list and new that i found what is was looking for!
    Me and my friends always need something to do so thanks for the awesome ideas!!!!! I love your bucket list!!!!!
    have a great summer :)

    • I’m so glad you like it so much Alyssa! And don’t worry about calling it Gone With the Wind, I do it all the time, haha. E-mail me if you want to let me know how everything goes!

  16. Hey Nicole, Tazemaster (tehe!), Jen, and Rachel, thanks so much for visiting my site, and I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying it! All of your guys’ inspiration is just mind-blowing. And Tazemaster… that’s awesome. I never would have thought to do that! I’m really interested to hear how things turn out! I hope everyone’s summer is going great!

    • I just found out about ours through my history teacher, but maybe you could Google it? I know ours was just kind of a local thing, but I’m sure there must be roundtables in other parts of the country too. And I agree, it was pretty interesting! I hope you are able to find one to attend!

  17. Love the list and the whole entire blog! I’m starting to make my own summer bucket list, using some of your ideas(i hope you dont mind :) )
    Anyways, thanks for inspiring me. Now i wont be completely bored the whole summer :))))))
    – Rachel

  18. I know what I’m going to do when I get bored: Take a look at this list, ask someone to name a random number 0-105, look at the task, and do it! Unless there’s a legitimate reason I can’t. Thanks for the inspiration! Great list!

  19. Thanks for recommending your blog on my yahoo site I’ve been trying to think of what I’m going to do all summer while being grounded and your blog has inspired many ideas so thanks!

  20. Thank you so much Maddie, Madi (tehe!), Katie, and Mamie! I love that everyone is making their own lists! Nothing’s more inspiring than knowing that you’ve inspired others (:

  21. hey I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Unfortuneately, while I was looking for your blog I found another that took some of what you wrote and copied it exactly. This may be another of your accounts or a friends? idk but I thought I should let you know because they copied some parts word for word. They even almost copied your url. Here’s the link:

    • Thanks Melina! And yes, I have seen the other blog, and no I do not know the other person… no worries though. I’ve just decided to brush it off for now (: Thanks for your concern though!

  22. You’ve inspired me to make my own little “bucket list blog” for Freshman year(:
    Thank u!

  23. I love this! Thanks to you, I’ve decided to make my own bucket list. Good luck with your goals!

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