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    • Hey Riley, thanks for commenting! It means so much to me that you consider me an inspiration for your blog, which looks like it is off to a great start! I’m excited to see how your summer goes once you start posting more! P.S. I can totally relate to the rain – Florida hurricane season has not been kind to me!

  1. Hi Sarah(:
    So this summer I decided to do something more, because I hated how I did absolutely nothing last year. So I just looked up “Summer Bucket List” on google, and this came up! I’m completely inspired by everything on here, and by the way, you’re absolutely gorgeous! I signed up for notifications whenever there’s a new post:) Keep it up!:)


  2. Heey Sarah!! My name is Ashton and I am absolutely inspired by your blog! I’m in the midst of creating my own summer bucket list and a blog as well. I just wanted you to know that I am going to follow your summer journey ( not in a creepy way :p) and hope that you accomplish everything on your bucket list! I’ll let you know when I finish creating my blog so maybe you can check it out. I’m hoping for the best summer this year. Thanks for the inspiration c:

    • Thank you so much for commenting Ashton, I’m looking forward to reading your blog this summer, and I’m thrilled you’re doing the same for me! Best of luck with your list (:

  3. Hey I saw your blog on a yahoo answers and figured Id check it out…My main reason is im looking for somewhere to volunteer work because I am always so bored sitting in front of a computer and I need something to take up my time…I can manage posts, Im ok at graphic desighns, and im sure i can manage to help you out with anything else you may need…thanks for looking you can email me or respond here I will check back :D Thanks!!!

    • That’s awesome! I feel so honored c:
      Keep up the good work! It’ll be fun to look back in a year to remember everything that’s happening now.
      P.S. Don’t stress too much over AP exams – you got this (;

  4. hey sarah i followed you on your journey last summer and i was estatic when i got the email about the countless new adventures this summer. good luck!

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  6. Hey I’m Jenna and I was looking for things to put on my bucket list this year and I seen your blog and I absolutely love it:) do you have a tumblr?

  7. Hey I decided about a month ago that I wanted to have a summer bucket list (I know its really early) so I came up with some ideas and then decided to go online for inspiration. I found your blog and I absolutely loved it. I had already decided to make a blog about my summer, but yours just inspired me so much. I hope you don’t mind but I stole a bunch of your ideas for the bucket list and put them on my site. I gave you credit for the ones I stole from you. I hope you don’t mind if, you do I’ll take them down.
    Are you going to be doing another bucket list this summer?
    Anyway I hope you get this message (I’m not sure if you get on this anymore) and if you want I would love for you to check out my blog (updates start May 12th) Thanks!

  8. I stumbled across this today as I was frantically searching the internet for things to do over summer and this blog is brilliant! I have had so much fun reading all the posts and its inspired me to go write my own list…I might just steal some of your ideas – like the write to a soldiers overseas one..That’s such a great idea! I live in England and my dad goes to America for work for a week every few months and it sucks! But like you said, I am so happy that he is still in a very safe country thanks to all the soldiers who fight for our countries :)
    P.S I have a blog too! Not quite the same but my friends like reading it so maybe you would too?

  9. Hey Sarah! I just started a bucket list – any chance you could check it out and give some feedback/tips? Thanks so much. God bless!

  10. hey im haley! i have been wanting to start a blog for such a long time and i was so inspired by your i knew i had to do something like it! i just got started this week but its if you want to check it out, i really hope i can build up to as many followers as you have. You are a really great writer by the way!

    • Hey Haley! Thanks for coming to visit my site! I checked out your blog, and it’s amazing! You are a very good writer, and cute as a button (: I’m excited to see you complete your list items, and I wish you the best of luck!

  11. hey I’m just posting on this cause your blogs really cool. and I was hoping you’d check out my tumblr:) it’s haha also if u don’t already have a tumblr you should definitely make one. just sayin

  12. Awesome blog. I know it’s a little late, but I’m so inspired by this that I hope to start one of my own this summer. Good luck on your endeavours!

    And I’m totally stealing like…half your list.

  13. Hey my name is Bry and I am just starting a bucket list blog as haha. Your blog really inspired me and gave me guidelines but i was wondering how you get to be well known? I mean lets face it, you have a pretty popular site! Also i was reading your “about” section and its weird how similar we are! I have moved around the same amount as you, and my dad’s job is trying to get us to move to Florida as well! I was just surprised at how much i relate to you. Anyways, visit my site…i’d love to hear any suggestions you might have to help me.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Hey, you answered my YA question yesterday and after checking out this blog I have to say I’m really impressed. You must be bursting with energy and creativity to do all these things. After I go and make a list of unusual activities that I wouldn’t normally do, I’ll set up an account here and get the ball rolling with this blogging thing, then I can share with friends on facebook and so on.

    Thanks again for the idea and inspiration. x

  15. Hey! I found you on Y! Answers and can’t wait to make my own bucket list. Your definitely inspiring lots of people!! :) Thanks again! :) Eviee <3

  16. Hey! I’m the girl from the Y!A question: Summer of YOU, what hobby do you want to start?

    I attempted to make a blog on here but I’m more comfortable with tumblr.
    I definitely stole 99.9% of your ideas.
    Sorry :/
    But they’re so great!

  17. where do I go about making a blog???? Do u pay for this or is it on one of those blogging websites????

    • It’s so easy! Just sign up through WordPress or another blogging site (such as blogger or tumblr), which is 100% free, build your site, and start blogging away! Good luck!

  18. I saw your link from Y!A and you inspired me (: the other day I was writing a bucket list in class and I was thinking of creating a blog for summer just because its my second to last summer as a kid (i’m also entering my junior year next year) and I think I will because of you (: so thank you! and I will be following your blog during the summer because your list seemed very interesting/fun (:

  19. I’m glad to see my Yahoo! Answers spamming efforts are paying off, and I’m glad that everyone’s liking the list! If you’re doing some of the same things, let me know – I’d love to hear all about everyone’s experiences and lists. And even if you’re not, feel free to keep reading about what I’ll be up to! You guys are so awesome – I hope you keep reading on, and happy summer!

  20. You answered one of my questions on Yahoo answers lol :) I like this idea, I’m more into partying every night and waking up late…not really looking for productivity, just careless fun. But thank you :) keep going at it! This is so cute haha <3

  21. thank you so much ya i got u from yahoo answers too but this really helped XD
    email me if u wnt something to do in the summer to cure boredom lol but thanks agian!

  22. hey im saoirse duffy from yahoo answers. my question was how to make summer 2011 the best. i just checked out the bucket list. one of them said talk in a british acent for 48 i could try doing that but it would be so hard. there was wake up before 7 which is hard for me because i love the lie ins make a cookie cake i will try that and lots more. my summer will be packed. tank u no more worrying about summer bordem. :]

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