The Bucket List 2012

1. Create a summer mix tape/playlist.
2. Eat at Hooters.
3. Go downtown to take photos.
4. Spend an entire day with my little brother.
5. Silly string fight.
6. Write a complaint/satisfaction letter to see if they’ll send free stuff.
7. Record someone’s life story.
8. Convince someone I’m from a foreign country.
9. Wake up every morning before 7:30 a.m.
10. Water fight. Including but not limited to: balloons, guns, hoses, and buckets.
11. Kiss a stranger.
13. Paint heart bookcase.
14. Participate in a charity event.
15. Buy an outfit at a thrift store.
16. Buy a snapback.
17. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day.
18. Make a new friend.
19. Run a 5k.
20. Attend a good concert.
21. Beach. Beach. Beach.
22. Watch Gone With the Wind.
23. Practice yoga.
24. Pull an all-nighter.
25. Compile a photography series.
26. Go rock climbing.
27. Open a shop on Etsy.
28. Play spin the bottle.
29. Use a Polaroid camera.
30. Go through a drive-thru backwards.
31. Get a “You Mad Bro?” shirt.
32. Participate in 30 Hour Famine.
33. Apply for at least 5 scholarships.
34. Become an expert at something.
35. Attempt surfing.
36. Climb a tree.
37. Eat at Andy’s.
38. Warped Tour.
39. Host a bonfire.
40. Customize a bikini.
41. Read at least 8 books.
42. Hold a garage sale.
43. Have my letter to the editor published.
44. Pick an official summer song.
45. Attempt the cinnamon challenge and post it on YouTube.
46. Create an original recipe.
47. Make sun tea.
48. Hold a stranger’s hand on a roller coaster.
49. Destroy a “Wreck This Journal”
50. Spend a whole day barefoot.
51. Tie-dye
52. Hold an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon.
53. Leave my initials in wet concrete.
54. Play hide-and-seek in IKEA.
55. Decorate my bathroom.
56. Lay on a roof.
57. Go to the drive-in movies.
58. Spend the night in a car.
59. Leave Florida.
60. Pierce something.
61. Get a henna tattoo.
62. Hand out lemons while wearing a shirt that says “Life.”
63. Own a pair of heart shaped sunglasses.
64. Play a game of poker with real money.
65. Eat at Denny’s past midnight.
66. Experiment with helium.
67. Go to the mall with a “Free Hugs” sign.
68. Eat a snowcone.
69. Set off an illegal firework.
70. Have everyone I meet for a day sign my shirt.
71. Play dessert Twister.
72. See a play/musical.
73. Go for a midnight swim.
74. Throw a message-in-a-bottle into the ocean.
75. Celebrate a foreign holiday the way the natives do.
76. Get a tan tattoo.
77. Stargaze for hours.
78. Have a conversation with a stranger at a stoplight.
79. Buy a supply of Lip Smackers.
80. Sticky note a car.
81. Watch “500 Days of Summer.”
82. Plank.
83. Do a Chinese fire drill at a stoplight.
84. Visit a museum.
85. Visit an aquarium.
86. Drive around with a “Honk If…” saying painted on my windows.
87. Watch “The Bucket List.”
88. Do something nice for my professor.
89. Get a chain of 15 people to walk like an Egyptian with me.
90. Carwash.
91. Attempt kayaking.
92. Recreate a creation on Epic Meal Time.
93. Make vegan cupcakes.
94. See an R-rated movie at the theatre before I turn 17.
95. See an R-rated movie at the theatre after I turn 17.
96. Read a cheesy romantic paperback.
97. Eat nothing but cold cereal for a day.
98. Use public transportation.
99. Pay for a stranger’s meal.
100. Own a pair of yoga pants/shorts.
101. Have a conversation with somebody on a random chat generator.
102. Yell at the top of my lungs.
103. Tan on the roof of my car in a random parking lot.
104. Get my license.
105. Cook a healthy meal for my family.
106. Learn how to say the alphabet backwards.
107. Build a sandcastle.
108. Get a job.
109. Create a video depicting the results of Summer 2012.


56 comments on “The Bucket List 2012

  1. I usualy spend summer vacations deviod of any adventure. However, your bucket list has inspired me to have a great summer, one to remember. My iggest aim is to spend an entire day with the children from an orphanage and use my free time to give them joy.

    • Erm, she does have a life. She’s doing something with it, she’s doing things that are different expanding her mind and horizons, she’s helping motivate people through this amazing blog, and she’s happy.

    • haha Seriously? She’s going out and living her life in an awesome, creative way and the only thing you’re doing is cowardly sitting at (well,hiding behind) your computer anonymously writing negative comments on other people’s blogs. . . . hilarious.

    • Yeah, i love how you say that she has no life, even though she’s living a creative, adventurous one, and then saying that you love her after that. Wow.

    • do so have a life. dont be so critical and dont judge people. im going to do a bucket list this summer with my best friend too, and we sure as heck have lives.

  2. Leave florida? hey im in florida! yeah, it’s cool and all, but getting out of it (even if that was indiana, for me) was great! or georgia. that’s only like 10 minutes from my high school haha

    • Your list looks great! It’s interesting to see how much more masculine it is! Don’t you just love the versatility of bucket listing? Best of lucking completing the rest of it, and thanks for stopping by! (:

      • I definitely tried to take a more sporty approach. There’s a bunch of other little things I could have put on that list, like visit certain restaurants when I go home, watch some soccer games of girls I coached, purchase certain items, catch up on missed movies. I just wanted to write down the dozen or so main things that would really affect how successful I viewed my summer.

  3. I dreaded last summer, knowing I would be bored and let my time go to waste. Summers are usually always the same for me. Sigh. Then I found out about this blog on Yahoo Answers, and I must say not only as it inspired me to make a Bucket List. It has also inspired me to start setting and planning goals for myself, I’ve found new hobbies and improved my skills all because of YOU. So thank-you thank-you thank-you for making this blog. I can’t wait for the next update.Take Care!

    • Oh my goodness, this was so touching to read! Sometimes it’s hard for me to wrap my head around changing the lives of others, but I always appreciate hearing it from fans such as yourself. For that, thank you so much for commenting Emma! Here’s to a great summer and many more to come (:

  4. Hey Girl!
    So I just wanted to let you know..I discovered your list last year and then made my own. Let me tell you, it made the summer so much better! I also loved coming back here once in a while and checking your progress! (hopefully that doesn’t sound creepy..hahaha)
    Anyways, I was thinking about this blog the other day since it’s almost summer vacation for me (3 more days!) and then noticed you started another one…which, in turn, has given me the motivation to make another list. ( :
    We’re the same age, so your list gave me a lot of ideas! Hopefully we both finish everything this year. ( :

    • I’m glad you had such a positive experience Lindsey, and I think it’s awesome that you’ve decided to do it again! Plus, I’m glad you still find the time to make it back over here, definitely not creeped out, haha. Cheers to our not-bummer-summers!

  5. An amazing idea. I’ve been reading so many Life Lists, but I haven’t come across a Yearly Life List yet. A good way to stick to your list – otherwise it kind of falls behind all the daily responsibilities. Love from South Africa. X

    • Thank you so much Nicole! I have to say, I’m blown away that I’m getting some love from South Africa, so thanks for stopping by and sharing! I agree, a summer list is much easier to maintain than a life list. Although I don’t have it published my blog, I do have an all-time achievement list… so far it has yet to have anything crossed off!

  6. Hey Sarah!! My name is Ashton and your blog is my inspiration for creating my own summer blog complete with 2012 summer bucket list. I am excited to follow your journey this summer as i go on my own and hope that we are both successful with our bucket lists. (I hope you don`t mind my borrowing some of your list items). Thanks so much for inspiring me to make this summer unforgettable :)

    • Hey Ashton, I’m glad I could serve as your inspiration! It looks like you’re off to a great start, I especially love the picture with the girls’ hair hanging off the bus (: I’m looking forward to seeing how your summer goes, as I hope you are with mine. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I am currently making my own list and i got a lot of great ideas from you! This summer will be the best!

  8. You sound like one of the most fun people ever! We might have even met each other at one point, as I also live in an undiclosed small Minnesotan town! By far my favorite blog. I will probably be stealing a few ideas for my summer bucket list as well. Go Sarah! (:

    • Awh, thanks Alli! Trust me, I’m sure we would know if we had crossed paths before – it was a VERY small town in Minnesota! Thanks for commenting, I am so grateful for the support, and I’m glad I could inspire you!

  9. I feel a little bad/awkward but could I like….use your bucket list for this summer?? I made on but it was kind of sort of reaaallllyyy bad. Hahaha my uncles getting married so one of them was get drunk but I mean that wouldn’t happen.. thanks for letting me see this!

  10. I absolutely love this blog! I have always wanted to create a bucket list…and a blog….and yours has inspired me to do just that. I am 18, just graduated from high school, so this is like my last summer to be a kid and have fun before I have to step into the real world. I plan to create a summer bucket list, and then hopefully a life-long bucket list. Hopefully I can make this summer one to remember!

  11. I love the list! Me and my friend are doing most of these together! :) But I have one question…how do you cross out stuff on the list? I want to be able to do that too. Thanks(:

    • Thanks Kelly! I hope you and your friend have a blast in the process! When you say cross out stuff, do you mean like this? That’s a basic strikeout function that should pop up on the bar at the top when you type. If not, you may need to find out the coding for it… I’m not positive though. Maybe try one of the WordPress forums?

  12. This is the best list I’ve seen! Everything looks so fun! My friends want to make a list like this, after seeing your ideas, it is a must! (: I can’t wait to see what your summer looks like next year! :)

  13. Hey, I love your list. It sounds like it’s going to be so much fun, even if you only get a few (but I wish you the best of luck getting them all :D). Your blog last year was one of the inspiring factors for my blog, 90daysofparadise. (, if you want to check it out…no pressure haha) Summer 2012 is going to be amazing!!

    • Thanks, Jenna! It means so much to me that I could take a little time out of your summer to help inspire the direction of yours. I took a look at your blog, and it looks like you’re off to a great start! I’m excited to see where your adventure leads you… you ARE free (:

  14. I read your blog and LOVED it!! I always have super boring summers..I made a list of things for me and my friend to do and tomorrow I’m going to make one for myself, just me! We have a two month summer, which sucks. And my frien is moving so we have to do 50 things by June 22. IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! This is our list:
    1. “Chalk” someone’s driveway. (Where you draw everywhere with chalk and leave..)
    2. Play hide and seek in a high end store in the mall.
    3. Finish a coloring book.
    4. Order a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, but ask for it with no ice cream.
    5. Fingerprint on a canvas and paint it.
    6. Spend the entire weekend inside.
    7. Watch a meteor shower.
    8. Go to the department store and act like we’re interested in buying makeup to get a free makeover. Then leave without buying anything.
    9. Swim after dark.
    10. Do something crazy with my hair.
    11. Have a picnic.
    12. Ride a roller coaster or a waterslide.
    13. Make a YouTube video and post it.
    14. Try on crazy outfits at the mall and take pictures.
    15. Get a pen pal.
    16. Do something for the community.
    17. Have an old movie marathon.
    18. Leave the state (but we live like ten minutes from the border anyways..)
    19. Superglue a quarter to the ground.
    20. Win a radio contest.
    21. Speak with an accent all day.
    22. Read at least five books (to stay edumacated.)
    23. Order something online or from a catalogue.
    24. Collect a dollar in pennies and clean them.
    25. Write an autobiography.
    26. Eat somewhere after midnight (preferably Taco Bell).
    27. Bake adorable cupcakes.
    28. Carve our names into a tree along with BFF.
    29. Keep my room clean (ish).
    30. Wake up before 8:00 every day.
    31. Tie die our sheets.
    32. Learn a dance.
    33. Go to a water park in the rain.
    34. Learn to say the alphabet backwards.
    35. Use public transportation.
    36. Make animal noises in the middle of a store and pretend we didn’t do it.
    37. Watch a horror movie at midnight
    38. Make a music video.
    39. Have a hose/water war.
    40. Have a dance off.
    41. Have a pet sleepover.
    42. Make a cake and have a cake war.
    43. Set off fireworks.
    44. Customize bathing suits with paint.
    45. Go on the roof and stargaze.
    46. Get mani-pedis at the salon.
    47. Total makeover.
    48. Photo shoot.
    49. Buy a wig and give it a haircut.
    50. Make a scrapbook of our crazy butts :)
    A lot of these were inspired by you. Thanks for the idea!

    • Very cute list – it will definitely help to make the last days with your friend really count! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you decide to keep up with the adventure! Have fun girlies (:

  15. Hey! I love these! Me and my friend are starting our own bucket list ! I am using some of mine off of yours though. I hope that’s okay!!? I’m hoping this summer will be the best one yet!!!

    • Hey Sydney! Of course you can use my list items! Most of mine were inspired by others in the first place (: Stick with it, and I guarantee you it will be the best yet. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hey sarah
    So I see you have A bucket list 2012! I’m so glad you are doing this again! You have inspired me and my best friend to make our own bucket list for 2012! I had fun doin some last year with you but I only found out about ur bucket list when half of the summer wAs gone. I love all your ideas and you have inspired me to actually do somethin g out of my summer and even change my lifestyle!

    Dearest blogger Jessica :)

    • Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for coming back to join the adventure and taking the time to comment! I am working my hardest to make sure it will be good to the last drop (: Feel free to shoot me an e-mail or something letting me know how your summer is going with your friend! I’m so glad I could serve as an inspiration to you two! Best of luck, and happy summer!

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