8 comments on “#105. Cook a Healthy Meal for My Family +Thank You!

  1. =) I was your 100th “Like” on Facebook! I love your blog, and I’m working on starting my own summer blog/bucket list for my 102 day break this summer. Thanks for sharing your stories! Keep up the awesome summer!

      • Yes, I’m going to be keeping my own blog this summer too! I will be quitting one of my more time consuming jobs in anticipation of starting nursing school this fall, and my summer will officially be starting on June 14th. You should check out my list that I just posted! I did borrow a few ideas from you, but I made sure to give you credit in my “About Me” section. =) Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures and helping to inspire me to create my own awesome summer! http://my100daysofsummer.wordpress.com/

        • Way to go! Your list looks awesome, and the credit is much appreciated! I love the way it’s organized, something I had thought about doing myself but never got around to following through. I am genuinely excited to see where your list takes you! P.S. Eugene is a beautiful little city, you’re very lucky (:

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