19 comments on “#63. Own a Pair of Heart-Shaped Sunglasses + Contest!

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  2. Helloo Sarah, I’m Emily Spackman McKee-emilysmk@hotmail.co.uk

    If I were to win these sunglasses, I would where them in France when I go this August! I had a pair like these last summer only they were red with white polkadots, my sister had bought me them and I loved them soo much. Unfortunately I sat on them in France last year and they broke :( to this day, I have not been able to find another pair and I think the pair you are giving away would be perfect for me! And if I win I promise I won’t break them!! And it may sound weird but I have a lot of trouble finding sunglasses to suit my face and I think heart shaped ones are perfect on me :) And I want to thank you because you have made my summer interesting because you inspired me to write my own bucket list and start my own blog! x

  3. Hi! I’m Sarajane Crawford (tripletsara9@gmail.com) and I would wear these sunglasses to the pool and the lake and when I hang out with friends, so like practically everywhere. They’re so cute!

  4. Well these glasses look like the ones on Neon Trees’ Album Everybody Talks. and I’m going to one of their concerts this summer! And it would be so cool to rock out in these glasses!
    Btw, you’ve inspired me to start my own Summer bucket list and your blog is one of the best blogs I follow!

  5. Your blog is very interesting and I have a blog of my own I put it with so you can check it out. I love the bucket list theam you have going on it is amazing!!!!!!

  6. Hey chickadee :) I would wear them to the water park close to me, I’ve got season passes so I could use some new ones and I love those! Thanks for the chance to win! Liked on FB, Zara Heflin mwzarache@gmail.com

  7. Amanda Fitzgerald – akfitz@hotmail.com

    I would wear these all summer long driving around in my car with the windows down, blaring some awesome summer tunes! I would definitely wear them during the completion of some of my own summer bucket list items too! This is such a fun idea!

  8. Hey I’m Alyssa Denton (alyssa.denton15@gmail.com) and I would wear these sunglasses everywhere!! My friend and I are working on our own bucket list (messyseasaltedhair.wordpress.com) and these would be super fun to wear while completing some of the items! Love your blog xoxo

  9. Hi Sarah, I’m Lindsey Schifferdecker. :) I would wear those totallllllly great sunglasses to my first trip ever to Orlando, Florida this summer. We are going to Disney World and a beach and they would look great! e-mail: lindsey.schifferdecker@yahoo.com

  10. Hi, these will be for my 16 yr old granddaughter who also wants heart shaped sunglasses. She would be so surprised if I won these for her. Also, I may be older, but I love your blog!

  11. Hey, Sarah! I’m Amanda Jolie Gall–amandajolie.gall@gmail.com. I’ve been following you since the beginning and this is also MY second year with a summer bucket list :) High five!
    If I were to win these sunglasses, I would wear them to work at the kids camp that I’m a counselor-in-training at, to my family’s Hawaii vacation, to to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (I live in California), to Water World, and to alllll those radtastical Sarah-inspired items on my list, like giving out free hugs in a public place, washing cars around the neighborhood to make money, and playing hide-and-seek on a school campus. These shades are fun and unique and oh-so-adorable, and it would be really nice to have a replacement for my 79-cent pair that I got in ’08, especially if I could acquire a replacement through a groovy person like yourself.
    Anyhow, you’re doing a great job on your list this year and I’m looking forward to more stories! (And maybe even more contests? :))

  12. Hey there, Sarah! My name is Alexis Rodriguez :) lexi2828@gmail.com

    If I were to win those super amazing sunglasses, I would wear them everywhere, every day!! Where I live, the temperature is in the upper 100s :O It gets hot, and those adorable hearts would definitely protect my eyes!! I would love to wear them on the beach, too! And finally, I would love the opportunity to use them in a photo shoot!! To me they SCREAM summer, and they would be the perfect accessory to focus on when doing photo shoots for my friends :) Seriously though, just imagine how much fun they would add to a series of photos :)
    Stay awesome!

    • Sorry, it published randomly. i would wear them to any of the bucket listing items that are outdoors and there are a lot. There is a lot of sun in Illinois so my eyes would be well protected from the Sun. My sunglasses I have now have this pattern in them that makes the sides of my head have a swirl of redness anytime I wear them. Also, i ‘m going on vacation at the end of July and would love to be able to show them off. I would love a new pair
      Happy Summer

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  14. Hey there! I’m Adriana Mena – amena1326@yahoo.com

    If I were to win these sunglasses, I would wear them everywhere (except to sleep and shower…). Since I live in Texas, sunglasses are an essential and my current ones are starting to show the effects of the heat. =( Specifically, I would love to have them for three weeks from now when I go to register for my college classes and then hit the beach with my family! It will be the first time at the beach since I was seven. Anyway, hope you’re having an awesome day and keep it up with your awesome summer!

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