13 comments on “#2. Eat at Hooters

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  2. Congratulations on crossing another thing off your list! I just went through mine and updated it! I crossed off a tonne of things I hadn’t even realized I had done so I’m feeling pretty accomplished right now :’] It sounds like eating at Hooters was everything you thought it would be! Maybe one day I’ll go and eat there too haha

    • Thank you! Crossing off list items has got to be up there with getting mail and massages (: I’m glad you can relate! And definitely make it out to Hooters sometime. The food is good, and I was even surprised to see some families there!

        Of course, that’s going to be way in the distant future but hey, it’ll happen eventually :]

  3. Congrats on another item crossed off the list! And thank you! My graduation was thursday!

  4. You assaulted your brother with silly string and you really have no pictures?! I say this calls for a do over!

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