7 comments on “#104. Create a Video of the Summer of 2011

  1. Hi, love the ideas on your blog. The pictures from the fair where you entered your photos look familiar, is it by chance the Walworth County Fair? I have to ask because I go to it every year and I also enter photography there.

    • Thanks Maggie! No, not Walworth, sorry! It’s so cool that you’re into photography too. I wish I could have done it again this year, but because of the heat in Florida, all of the county fairs are during the winter months. Anyways, thanks again for stopping by!

  2. I just found your blog recently due to some research for my own summer bucket list! This is awesome:)! What songs did you use in this video? They sound familiar (from Pandora radio), but I don’t know the actual titles and artists. If you could tell me that’d be great!:)

    • Thank you so much Elle! The songs I used were “Lights Out (Acoustic)” by We Are the In Crowd and “A Little Bit More (Acoustic)” by You, Me, and Everyone We Know (my faaavorite c:). Both of these songs are off of the album Take Action! Vol. 10.

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