4 comments on “#4. Walk to DQ with My Little Brother

  1. You are super sweet and super pretty! Wish i had a younger brother :( I love your blog and i wish i was as great a writer/blogger as you are!

    • Awh, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me! I appreciate all the love, and as far as writing goes… practice, practice, practice! Cliche, but very necessary. And trust me, one afternoon with my little brother (as much as I love him), and you’d change your mind! hahah

  2. Your darling little brother says, “NO”, to everything. I bet he really enjoyed the outing with his big sister and tells all his friends about it. I’m still waiting for #18 and No Fair to wait until thank yous are in order. How about doing 10 bucket list challenges in one day? I can picture the stories making tears run down my leg as I snort and make Cupid’s ears blow back while you entertain us with the attempt details. Timing is everything and I know you can do it. Funny is as funny does so lighten up and enjoy the summer! Happy 4th of July weekend and cheers to the red, white, & blue!

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