4 comments on “#12. Paint finger and toe nails each a different color

  1. Do your toes look like Easter eggs? A friend of mine got an Easter manicure and each finger was a different pastel color. She got a lot of attention at church! LOL! i LOVED the Seasons Change video – very funny on You Tube – but I see I’m in the minority voting for the song. Anyway, it gave me an idea to add to your blog……A hula hoop pool party! What a hoot that would be!!

    • Well they’re were painted yellow, quite a bright and cheerful colour so I suppose they did look a bit like Easter Eggs!

      I like the Season’s of Change video too, I heard the song on Easy A- my sister has the DVD! Hula Hoop pool party would be pretty awesome- though I don’t know anyone with a pool here in rainy Wales! :D

  2. Hmm, sounds a fun thing to do! If I was female I’d probably do something like that! In fact I might do it anyway and blame it on a female relative- one of my female cousin’s painted my fingernails when I was sleeping once! But hooray for summer!

    • You should paint your nails all different colors that would be hilarious!!!!! If i was your cousin i would so do that!
      Thanks for an awesome idea!!!!!

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