5 comments on “#66. Jump Into a Pool Fully Clothed

  1. Been there, done that, probably last year maybe? I wore my skinnies, a t-shirt, a tank top together. I told my dad I’d be swimming to a birthday party but he didnt want me to swim until he saw the pool and thought it was too late. But it was… err.. new. Now, I’ve got that out of my hair now! :)

  2. I know people who swim in shorts and a t-shirt lol that’s hardly fully clothed and somewhat disappointing. Would have liked to seen someone jump in with jeans, tank top, shirt, socks, shoes… the works, then they could more-so feel the weight of the water sink into the fabric of what they are wearing. That being said, I enjoy reading your posts keep up the good work :)

  3. Well that looked refreshing! I hear it is HOT HOT HOT in Florida these days. I see Mom got into the video too! Hope you guys are having fun in the sun. Let me know about the house with the pool you chose. Any pictures?? Enjoy the rest of your house hunting trip!

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