5 comments on “#37. Write a Letter to a Soldier Overseas

  1. I actually live overseas, My dad is in the US Navy and we are stationed in Ireland at the moment. This is very thoughtful of you to do this. I know that out base has received little post from America. Thanks for all the civvys in america thinking of us.

    • Thanks Annette! It means so much to me that you stopped by to take a look at my little old blog (: You really are such an inspiration, and I only hope that I can pass that on as you have!

  2. I had 2 pen pals when I was in Jr. High and wish I’d kept up with them over the years. I always loved getting their letters and wish I’d kept them. I hope your contact with the Iraq Guy will be a rewarding correspondence and some day you’ll meet. I love your tribute to Servicemen on Father’s Day and bringing home how they and their families miss each other even more on special holidays. Like they say, Freedom isn’t free…the price paid by Soldiers is the highest value. Huurrah to them all for being so patriotic and brave to serve. Sorry you didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with your Dad. Next year will be even sweeter! Have a great week and continue the saga of the bucket list!

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