4 comments on “#77. Watch a Meteor Shower

  1. I really wanted to see the meteor shower and set my alarm for 4 AM, but unfortunately it didn’t go off for some reason. :( (It’s kind of a tempermental alarm clock.) Earlier though, at about 10 PM, my dad and my sister and I went outside to look for the space station. We either saw the space station and three planes, or just four planes, but we’re just going to pretend that we know for sure one of them was the space station! And I’m glad you got to see one shooting star at least. :)

    • Ugh, isn’t it odd how alarm clocks have minds of their own? Out of the 5 alarms I set, only 4 went off! Just for posterity’s sake, I’d say you only saw 3 planes (:

  2. I tried to do this as well, only I live on the east coat, and I must have gotten a wrong time, because we couldnt see any! The clouds couldnt have helped but still… Im glad someone saw it though! Love the blog!

    • Argh, I know… there was some pretty thick cloud cover where I’m at on the first night too. Luckily it cleared up the second night. There’s always next year! And thanks for checking out my blog Emma, I’m glad you like it so much!

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