17 comments on “Remember Me?

  1. So I’ve been following this blog since last year and this year I’ve decided to actually interact.
    Good luck this summer, hope you get to knock out a lot of them this year.

  2. I’m really happy that you are doing another summer. I didn’t tune into your blog last summer but I will this summer. Also, because of your blog, I was inspired to do a blog like this one. My friend and I will be starting ours in the beginning of June! :)

    • Hey there, I’m glad to hear you’ll be following along this summer! I took a look at your blog, and it’s looking great so far! The first post is definitely the most nerve-racking. I love how you were inspired by Julie and Julia – too cute! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope you find that bucket listing makes your summer one to remember.

  3. I’m so happy you’re back for another summer! I loved reading your posts last year and you’ve inspired me to do my own summer bucket list. This is my last summer before I’m off to college, so I’m excited to not only do it myself, but to read you’re posts as well! I don’t get out until June 1st, but I’ll still keep up with this blog!

    • Thanks for coming back to visit Adriana! It means so much to me that you’ll be following along this summer as well. I hope you have as much fun checking off your bucket list as I did with mine! Best of luck!

  4. Your summer vacation starts May 4th? I don’t get released until June 8th! Anyway its kinda weird because I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and now here you are udating again! I’m excited because this summer I will get to see your posts “live”. Anyway I’m not sure if you got this message but I started my own summer bucket list and a blog about it. I stole some of your ideas but I gave you credit. Is that ok ? If not I will take them down. Anyway can’t wait to see your new list and I would love if you check out my blog. Whew that was a huge comment…sorry.

    • woah same day for me too! actually mine is june 7th but close enough…

    • Hey! I absolutely love the concept behind the title of your new blog! I read all of the books last summer c: It’s so cool that you were able to draw inspiration from my little old blog, and I really appreciate the credit on your site! It’s so considerate! Best of luck blogging, I hope to see more posts in the near future!

  5. SO HAPPY! i loveloveloved this blog and i was wondering, could i do one like it? i would of course give you credit, but i just love the idea so much! (i’ll also give your blog address) :)

    • Thanks! You can absolutely start one like mine! Of course, would be much appreciated – we’ve got to stick together in the blogging world! If you do choose to start your own blog, definitely come back to visit so I can check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

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