3 comments on “#88. Record a Video Blog for 1 Week and Post it on YouTube

  1. Never saw a broadcaster so comfortable reporting from her bed. Does that have to do with where you can set up your webcam? Careful, Kiddo! Glad you have the techno knowledge to expand on your blog with videos which makes it all the more interesting. Things are going to get busy so hope you can keep it up all summer. Even with all the equipment, I couldn’t do it as well as you do. The experience will be invaluable. I’d like to see more of your laughter and sense of humor in the next blog/video. How about a funny story or some jokes? The ice cream man story tickled me no end! Can you see the humor in it now? You gotta admit it was a good prank. I see expressions that remind me of your daddy soooo much. When do you finish your student driving classes????? See you tomorrow as summer continues with love.

  2. i just found your blog through Yahoo answers when obviously i had NOTHING to do this summer. i wish i were u because u can do these things i live in new york which has endless opportunities for any 15 year old. but here i am until september in kuwait, it is nice but when everythings so far away from my grandmothers house in the middle of the desert (not literally) its hard to make my way to the city and the beaches. what do i do?

    • Awh, I’m sorry you’re stuck across the ocean ):
      When in doubt, trust your creativity. Maybe try incorporating the culture you’re submerged in into your bucket list. For example, maybe you could create a goal to have a conversation with somebody in the local language, collect x amount of a certain rarity, do a sand exchange with somebody, or write to 15 different people back in the states. If you need more ideas, or you just need someone to talk to, feel free to e-mail me anytime!

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