2 comments on “I didn’t want to do this, but…

    i think ppl change their expectations in goals because … they simply don’t want to do it any more or think its silly, or maybe they grew out of it. What ever the reason is for the individual ,the point is you just got to keep climbing every one has a destiny and everything happens for a reason and no matter what we do it wont change any thing because it will all lead to one point in our lives!

    Is it a sign of weakness or growth? and When is the right time to make that choice? and Does it mean that we’re giving up on our values or choosing to do what’s best for ourselves? i don’t think any one really knows the answer to that.All me,you and all the ppl in the world who aren’t just, going to the job they hate,divorcing,committing a suicide or regretting their lives, but trying to find what makes them happy can do is pretty much keep climbing,theres always going to be another mountain,and your not always going to win,at times you’ll get lost, and heart,but if you keep trying then you’ll make it to the top.

    P.S. this is my honest opinion…

    • Very good points… I suppose it all comes down to when we start doing things for ourselves, versus living our lives for other people. I’m also interested in your comment about fate and/or destiny. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, so I think you make a good argument there.

      By the way, thanks for commenting on my posts! I always love getting a new comment from Emily (: I promise to have more up very, very soon!

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